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Hi! I'm Rafael and this is my personal website. I'm a Web Developer based in Porto, Portugal. 🇵🇹❤️

My experience with computers started around 2003 or 2004 when I got my first computer. It was a Pentium 4 with 1GB DDR 400mHZ RAM, boy that seemed fast as lightning compared to the computers of my friends! I could copy some files from the internal hard drive and playing Sims 2 at the same time when they could only do one of them. After that it didn’t took me long while I started formatting and being myself installing Windows, XP at the time, instead of taking the computer to the store. Computer repairs were way too expensive at the time!! After that I’ve started to disassemble my computer in order to clean the dust from the fans and peripherals. My desire of knowing more about computers grew more and more.

When I got to the high school, around 2008, I got familiar with computer programming and I loved it! I started with Visual Basic and with some very simple programs but my teacher at the time, Pedro Lima, kept encouraging me in order to improve myself. Now I thank him a lot for helping me become what I am today! Later when I discovered PHP language I hated it, it was so much different from Visual Basic. I just couldn’t figure out how PHP worked, it was awful. I kept studying and working with PHP on school and I eventually got to understand it. Now it's one of the languages I'm most proficient at. Ironic, right? :P

Aside from the Web developer role I have an interest on iOS (and MacOS) development and I’ve started looking around the new language that Apple has released, Swift.

And this sums it up pretty much, I guess that you’re now tired of so much text, feel free to wander around and drop a line if you’re feeling talkative.



Below are the events where I held a talk or a workshop:


You can check all of my projects in my GitHub page right here

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